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registry booster fix your computerAfter you’ve used your PC for a while, and Windows based computers are notorious for this, you’ll probably notice it getting slower and slower, (you may need Registry Booster). This is due to the fact that over time, as you add and remove software, create and edit documents, download and listen to or watch music and movies, even if you go in and clean up your computer on a regular basis, Windows leaves hidden extra files and settings all over your computer. The Registry is a hidden database Windows stores all sorts of things in, usually without your knowledge.

Slow Computer? Try Registry Booster

Every time you use your computer, Windows accesses and changes settings in this registry, and over time it gets bloated. This is usually what slows down your system: this is why you need Registry Booster. Registry Booster prunes your Registry for you, removing all of the bloat Windows has put in there over time, so that the next time you run things, access is fast. As an added bonus, Registry Booster also backs up your files before it makes any changes, and also lets you defragment your hard drive, giving you an even better speed boost. If you’ve been troubled by your PC getting slower and slower, registry booster is your ideal solution.

Registry Booster can Repair Windows Registry Errors Including

This is a selection of some of the windows registry error messages you may need Registry Booster to fix and speed up your computer.

1335 , 0x800ccc0f Outlook error, error 1722, msvcrt.dll, msvcr71.dll, rundll32.exe & rundll32, Rundll32 has stopped working, Chkdsk Errors, Chkdsk does not run, System32.exe Errors, System32 Folder Is Open When Windows Starts,  An Operation Was Attempted On Something That Is Not A Socket, Error 1324 The Folder Path Contains An Invalid Character NTDLL.DLL Error, systemced error, c0000218 Unknown Hard Error, c0000218 registry file failure

Other windows registry errors you may need to repair with registry booster …

Illegal Function Call,  Overflow,  Out Of Memory,  Subscript Out Of Range,  Duplicate Definition,  Division By Zero, Type Mismatch, Out Of String Place,  No Resume,  Resume Without Error,  Out Of Stack Space,  Sub Or Function Not Defined, Error In Loading DLL, Bad File Name Or Number, File Not Found, Bad File Mode, File Already Open, File Already Exists,  Disk Full, Input Past End Of File, Bad Record Number, Bad File Name, Device Unavailable,  Permission Denied,  Disk Not Ready,  Can’t Rename With Different Drive,  Path/File Access Error,  , Path Not Found, Object Variable Set To Nothing, Illegal Use Of Null, Command Failed, A File Is Missing Or Invalid, , Object Creation Failed, No Such Property Or Method, Argument type mismatch, Object error, Input buffer would be larger than 64K, Operating System Error, External Procedure Not Found, Global Variable Type Mismatch, User-Defined Type , mismatch,  External Procedure Interface Mismatch, Out Of Memory,  DLL Is Not Supported

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