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Registry Booster reviewRegistry Booster Review of this new and unique piece of registry cleaning software which has plenty of advanced features. After a simple installation, you can use the software to scan your system for errors – including registry issues, bad Windows shortcuts/links/file paths, outdated Start Menu items and unnecessary recent files. What makes Registry Booster particularly great, though, is that anyone can use it – regardless of age and computer skill!

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Important Features With Registry Booster

Registry Booster Benefits

Registry Booster is easy to install and use, and comes with a comprehensive user guide. If you’re already confident with the program, additional information can also be provided to optimize your usage. Overall, the software allows you to control everything that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of your PC.

Registry Booster Standout Features:

Registry Booster provides a number of useful tools to users. In its standard version, the interface is simplified by only offering the most essential services. With this, most issues can be resolved with a single button, and there’s even a ‘damage level indicator’ to give a graphical representation of how healthy the system is. On the advanced mode, however, you’ll have far more access to your computer – and any changes you make will also be recorded in the Registry Repair Log.

The program can also be set to automatically clean the registry, which is ideal for beginners to the software. All you have to do is set when you want the scan to commence, and everything will take care of itself. You can carry on using your PC while this happens, and the program will even shut down by itself when it’s finished. If any issues turn up, you’ll quickly and easily be able to restore your computer to an earlier, healthier point.

Another important feature of the software is disk defragmentation. When you use this, RegistryBooster will arrange the files and folders on your hard disk in the best manner possible, filling all empty space between them. You shouldn’t notice any actual changes other than a faster computer – and you can get even better results from this by restarting your PC after the defragmentation process is completed.

To keep Registry Booster up to date, you’ll need to go online to get the latest releases. This is a fast and free process, and one which is absolutely necessary to keep your investment working at its best.

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Some of the Windows Registry Errors Registry Booster can Repair

This is a selection of some of the windows registry error messages you may need Uniblues Registry Booster to fix and spped up your computer.

1335 , 0x800ccc0f Outlook error, error 1722, msvcrt.dll, msvcr71.dll, rundll32.exe & rundll32, Rundll32 has stopped working, Chkdsk Errors, Chkdsk does not run, System32.exe Errors, System32 Folder Is Open When Windows Starts,  An Operation Was Attempted On Something That Is Not A Socket, Error 1324 The Folder Path Contains An Invalid Character NTDLL.DLL Error, systemced error, c0000218 Unknown Hard Error, c0000218 registry file failure

And more windows registry errors

Illegal Function Call,  Overflow,  Out Of Memory,  Subscript Out Of Range,  Duplicate Definition,  Division By Zero, Type Mismatch, Out Of String Place,  No Resume,  Resume Without Error,  Out Of Stack Space,  Sub Or Function Not Defined, Error In Loading DLL, Bad File Name Or Number, File Not Found, Bad File Mode, File Already Open, File Already Exists,  Disk Full, Input Past End Of File, Bad Record Number, Bad File Name, Device Unavailable,  Permission Denied,  Disk Not Ready,  Can’t Rename With Different Drive,  Path/File Access Error,  , Path Not Found, Object Variable Set To Nothing, Illegal Use Of Null, Command Failed, A File Is Missing Or Invalid, , Object Creation Failed, No Such Property Or Method, Argument type mismatch, Object error, Input buffer would be larger than 64K, Operating System Error, External Procedure Not Found, Global Variable Type Mismatch, User-Defined Type , mismatch,  External Procedure Interface Mismatch, Out Of Memory,  DLL Is Not Supported

If you are seeing any of the above error windows registry error messages you should download Registry Booster 2012 below

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