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slow computerslow computer

You need to keep your computer running as smoothly as you possibly can. There are many ways we can fix this problem for you. Let us take a look at some of easiest things you can do to fix your slow computer.

registry booster fix your computerregistry booster fix your computer

After you’ve used your PC for a while, and Windows based computers are notorious for this, you’ll probably notice it getting slower and slower. This is due to the fact that over time, as you add and remove software, create and edit documents, download and listen to or watch music and movies, even if you go in and clean up your computer on a regular basis, Windows leaves hidden extra files and settings all over your computer.

What is Windows Registry and how does it Work?

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The registry is normally OK until you start installing too much hardware and software on the system. Anytime a new software or hardware is installed, several new entries are created in the computer registry. Similarly, when a program is deleted or uninstalled from the computer, the majority of the entries previously created on the registry will be removed but not all.

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