Registry Mechanic Review

Registry Mechanic is among the most popular registry cleaners and optimizers available today, with over 60 million downloads. And for good reason, Registry Mechanic is probably the most powerful tool for improving the performance of your Windows install.

Now on version 8 of the software, Registry Mechanic has many features that you just can’t find with other registry tools. Their impressive set features has won them numerous awards and recognition from many publications.

Registry Mechanic Screen shots

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Registry Mechanic Installation

Registry Mechanic can be installed on Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. Registry Mechanic is very easy to install, and can be downloaded directly from their website. At under 8 MB, you can have Registry Mechanic downloaded and installed in no time at all.

The trial version removes issues in only 6 sections of the registry. If you choose to upgrade to a licensed version, you can do so at anytime, for only $29, and it can be installed on up to 3 PCs at any given time.

Registry Mechanic Features

After doing an initial scan, you are likely to be presented with thousands of improvements, especially if you haven’t repaired your registry before, or in a very long time. You can do a full system scan and repair in just a few clicks.

Something you don’t see very often with other registry tools, is the ability to run in the background, making repairs to the registry as they are needed. Keeping your PC running smoothly at all times. This is what the developers titled “Registry Monitor”. You can have it run when you hit a certain number of registry changes, or you can have it running at all times by loading it at startup.

Registry Mechanic also includes a number of system optimization tools, that you see in other softwares like RegistryEasy. However, Registry Mechanic is far more effective in comparison. Boot file fragmentation, Windows Startup item refresh, and other Windows startup optimizations. Patches and tweaks are applied directly to the registry with this tool, always strengthening the Windows registry.

Automatic backups of the Windows registry are made before performing maintenance on the registry. This seems to be a stock feature of almost all registry cleaners/repairers, but we still think it is a very important feature to recognize, as it is essential.

Registry Mechanic Interface

The interface of Registry Mechanic is hard to rival. With a very modern and graphical user interface, it is very easy to navigate the many features of the product. It easy to see that a lot of time when in to making software that was both functional and a pleasure to use.

Registry Mechanic Ease of Use

There are far more tools and settings to meddle with when using Registry Mechanic. We’re not saying this is a bad thing, but those that are easily confused by very technical software, may want to avoid messing with all the settings, and just run the 1-click maintenance feature.

For those that have a better grasp of how Windows and PCs work, you’ll get a lot of joy out of tailoring the software to your specific needs.

Registry Mechanic is 100% safe. With automatic backups that allow you to restore older versions of your registry, from multiple restore points, your Windows registry never has to run the risk of becoming corrupted.

There is plenty of documentation and FAQs available for licensed users of the software. Email support is also available, and response time from the support team is more than reasonable.

Registry Mechanic leads the pack when it comes to registry maintenance and repair. Not only are they one of the few registry tools with a unique set of features, but they are also available at a considerably affordable price of $29.95. You also have 30 days to try out the software, if you find Registry Mechanic is not for you, you can get a full refund.

buy registry mechanic now download registry mechanic trial

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