Max Registry Review

Max Registry Cleaner focuses on the registry, and only the registry. Many other tools include features that don’t necessarily effect the registry, but do have some involvement with the overall speed of your computer and your web browsing speeds. They serve different purposes, but Max Registry Cleaner focuses on maintaining the registry alone.

As expected, Max Registry Cleaner provides a free trial of their software, that performs a full scan, but only repairs select entries. The fully robust version of Max Registry Cleaner is available for $29.95, which includes support for a year, and lifetime upgrades.

Max Registry Screen Shots

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Max Registry Installation

The installation process behind Max Registry Cleaner was a breeze. In just a couple minutes, I had downloaded and installed the software with no hitches. Max Registry Cleaner is compatible, with all versions of Windows, including Vista 32 and 64 bit, XP, and even ME and 98 editions of the operating system.

Max Registry Features

Again, Max Registry Cleaner focuses it’s efforts on the Windows registry alone. The result of using Max Registry Cleaner regularly is improved computer speeds, less Windows crashes, and fewer errors messages.

After performing a scan, you will be presented with a list of files and registry entries that need tidying. The results will also be categorized by threat level, which other pieces of software don’t have, in addition to the other standard filters.

You can also perform these functions automatically by scheduling scans and cleans. The system for scheduling is very simple, and allows you to optimize your system without any involvement after the initial setup.

No registry cleaner would be complete without an automatic registry backup system in place. If errors ever result due to modifications made to the registry, they can easily be corrected by restoring the registry from an appropriate restore point.

You can also download updates for Max Registry Cleaner directly from the software interface. These updates and patches will make sure everything is being done to maintain the health and speed of your desktop computer or laptop.

Max Registry Interface

While the interface is rather easy to use, it isn’t the prettiest interface by far. There are less features than most registry cleaners, but it does make for a very straightforward design and layout. When using this software, chances are, you will be using only two of the eight tabs anyway.

Ease of Use
There’s no reason you, your kids, or your parents won’t be able to use this software. It is that simple and straightforward. Just click scan, select the areas you would like to optimize, and Max Registry Cleaner handles the rest. There are more advanced features as well, but the majority of users of Max Registry Cleaner, will never need to configure them. If you do choose to change some of the more advanced settings, it is easily done by someone that knows what they’re doing.
Max Registry Helpdesk/Support
Customer support is available via email and live web chat from their dedicated Research Team. The support team can be contacted any hour of the day, and typically get back to you within the hour. They also have an in-depth FAQ available on their website, which can answer most questions

Max Registry Safety
There is no need for concern when using Max Registry Cleaner, even if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing. Though we do recommend you become familiar with the software before trying it. Automatic backups prevent any permanent damage from being done.

Max Registry  Conclusion
Max Registry Cleaner is fairly basic in comparison with other registry cleaners we have reviewed. But the main focus of the software is the Windows registry, and they are able to maintain the registry exceptionally well.

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