What is Windows Registry and how does it Work?

windows registry cleaner software fix your slow computerThe windows registry is a complex filing system, no wonder many people are confused over just how important the registry is, and how often it should be cleaned if at all. Basically, the windows registry is a huge database that stores all data and information that pertains to the hardware and software configurations of your PC. But is there any need to record such information? Well of course there is, the database helps the Windows OS to run a particular hardware or software as per its configurations. The registry will equally keep the settings of your computer intact.

Corrupt Windows Registry Entries Can Slow Down Your PC

The registry is normally OK until you start installing too much hardware and software on the system. Anytime a new software or hardware is installed, several new entries are created in the computer registry. Similarly, when a program is deleted or uninstalled from the computer, the majority of the entries previously created on the registry will be removed but not all. As time goes by and as you install and uninstall programs, more and more registry entries are made and deleted, and in the process, there are always some registry entries which are never deleted permanently from the system. Soon enough, they will build up in the registry and in turn slow down the computer.

Perhaps you are now wondering the right size of windows registry that can work with your PC. Even though you might not be aware of it, but your PC makes various calls to its registry and once it gets the right reply, it starts executing its activities. If the registry becomes bulky and clogged, it takes the computer a very long time to get the reply. As a result, the computer will delay in executing its tasks. This explains the reason why your PC performs poorly and becomes very slowly as it gets old.

Clean Your Windows Registry to Speed Up Your Computer

The only guaranteed way to reinstate the normal functioning of your PC is to clean the Windows registry. But unless you are a computer guru, it’s nearly impossible to tell a junk registry entry from a functional one. You have to only delete the junk entry because a valid registry entry deleted by mistake may as well bring the computer’s operation to a complete halt.

Your best bet would be to use a professional registry cleaner, which are programmed in such a way that they can easily tell apart invalid registry entries from functional ones and subsequently removing them from the system at the push of a button. These registry cleaners are quite affordable and user-friendly that even a computer novice can use without any problems.

Be advised though that not all windows registry cleaners are made equal. Some will only remove a few invalid entries at a time, something which is not advisable. You should use a windows registry cleaner that has the ability to detect all invalid registry entries and subsequently remove them within a few minutes. If you are looking for the best registry cleaner try a free download Registry Booster

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