RegCure Registry Cleaner Review

RegCure is one piece of software from ParetoLogic’s line of computer maintenance programs. RegCure is only available online, and like most registry cleaners, it comes with a free scan so you can test the software out, and see if you like it. You are, however, limited to repairing only 300 entries. The registered version can be purchased for $33.97 and comes with upgrades and support. RegCure is simple enough for just about anyone to use, but has powerful customizable features that can deliver the flexibility desired by more advanced users.

RegCure Screen Shots

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RegCure Installation

Installation was quick and easy. A small file download (approx 2 MB), a few steps of the installation, and your ready to go. As soon as the application is installed, you can run your first scan. RegCure does not require any additional configuration.

RegCure Features

The registry scanner itself is quite impressive, and allows for a great deal of customizations, such as where to look, specific areas of improvement, ignore lists, and back/restore functionality. Our first scan of our system produced several hundred repairable registry entries. You can scan your whole system, or pinpoint specific areas like dead shortcuts, corrupt entries, or old Internet files. The one-click solution is typically adequate for most users, but the customizations are available for more advanced Windows PC owners.

Scheduled Scans are a feature you can find in RegCure, that you won’t see in a lot of registry repair programs. This makes it easy to perform routine maintenance, with little to no involvement. Scheduling individual and recurring scans is a piece of cake.

The ability to back up and restore your registry works as a great safety net, and makes it easy to reverse any unwanted changes to the registry. With this feature you can back up your registry to any restore point, at any time.

Startup management is possible for those that are familiar with performing such tasks, using MSCONFIG. For the less computer literate, it can be a major hassle. RegCure makes it easy. Find out what programs are loading and startup, and prevent them from doing so, ultimately leading to fast startup times, and improved speed overall. The settings here are lacking, but should provide enough functionality for most users.

The RegCure interface is prettier than most, and is comparable to other registry cleaners in functionality. The interface is easy enough to use, after a quick glance at the options. The one-click maintenance tool makes it very easy to do a quick scan and repair.

Ease of Use
RegCure is a tool that both beginner and pro PC users can appreciate. Almost all features are accessible from the main screen, and performing quick routine maintenance on your personal computer or laptop can be completed in just seconds.

RegCure is very safe to use, and suggests little risk of errors. If you where to modify your registry, and experience errors with your PC, the automatic back ups that are created with each scan, eliminates these risks entirely.

RegCure also offers an ignore list feature, which can be used after an initial scan is performed. You can select areas that you would like the software to overlook on future optimizations.

With a license key, you can receive customer support at no additional charge, during business hours. While the support is there, they boast a response time of 8 hours or less, which is less then impressive. There is, however, a large supply of well organized documentation available to license holders.

RegCure is the sure winner, regcure performs the functions of most other basic registry cleaners and optimizers. They also do it at a far more affordable price, of only $33.97 including web browser and cleaning optimization!. You can receive a free trial scan, and all purchases come with a guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. RegCure is very lightweight, but still gets the job done.

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