Registry Software Reviewed

Problems with your PC, is it running slow, freezing, crashing or even giving you the blue screen errors? Or is simply not running as well as it used to? We can help with our review of the best registry software available on the web with our unbiased and in-depth registry software comparison chart.

Using our in-depth registry software reviews you can determine the best registry cleaner to get your pc running at its best again. All software is easy to download and will help get your computer running smoothly and fast again.

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Registry Booster is the #1 Registry Cleaner

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No need to be tech savvy Registry Booster Review

Registry Software Compared

The registry cleaner comparison table below will help you decide what registry software can help resolve your slow computer and repair any registry errors. You will see that we have selected Registry Booster as the best registry software, why not download a free trial to help fix your issues?

Registry Booster Review
Registry Reviver Review
Registry Mechanic Review
RegCure Registry Cleaner Review
MAXpc Registry Cleaner Review
Max Registry Review
Read Review
Read Review: Read the reviews
Try Now
Try Now: Try Registry Software
Registry Cleaning
Registry Cleaning: How the software copes with cleaning the registry
Deletes Empty Registry Keys
Deletes Empty Registry Keys : Allows user to delete empty registry keys
Checks Invalid Class Keys
Checks Invalid Class Keys : checks for invalid class keys and allows the user to delete them.
Program Shortcuts
Program Shortcuts: Are the shortcut keys you can use in this registry software
Uninstall Entries
Uninstall Entries: Can you uninstall any entries you make using this software
Finds Invalid Shared DLLs
Finds Invalid Shared DLLs: Does it find invalid shared DLL files
Find Invalid Fonts
Find Invalid Fonts: Does it find invalid fonts
Application Paths
Application Paths: Does the software check application paths are relevant
Finds Invalid Help Files
Finds Invalid Help Files: Does it clean up invalid help file enteries
CLSID/TypeLib/Interface Entries
CLSID/TypeLib/Interface Entries: are not needed interfaces or operating screens detected
File Associations
File Associations: Are file extensions checked
Sound/App Events
Sound/App Events: Are the right sounds used for certain actions?
File/Path References
File/Path References: Are file/path entries valid
Checks Com/Activex
Checks Com/Activex: Are com and activex programs checked
Basic Features
Basic Features: What basic features are included
Easy To Install
Easy To Install: Is it easy to install this registry cleaner
Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface: Is the user interface easy and logical to use
Free Scan
Free Scan: Can you download the software to scan your PC first
Trial Download
Trial Download: Is there a trial available for this registry cleaner
Future Program Updates
Future Program Updates: Are updates available for this reg cleaner
See Scan Process
See Scan Process: Can you see how far the scan has done
Automatic Backups
Automatic Backups: Does the software automatically backup the registry
Shows Problem Severity
Shows Problem Severity: Does it explain the severity of the problem in the registry
1 click Repair
1 click Repair: is it an easy task to fix the probelm?
Help and Support
Help and Support: How well if this registry software supported
Registry Booster ReviewRegistry Reviver ReviewRegistry Mechanic ReviewRegCure Registry Cleaner ReviewMAXpc Registry Cleaner ReviewMax Registry Review
Email: does this software company offer email support
FAQs: Are frequently asked questions available for this registry cleaner
Live Chat
Live Chat: Is live chat available to discuss this registry software
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee: Can you get your money back if this registry software is not for you
Operating Systems
Operating Systems: what operating systems does this registry cleaner work on
Windows 7
Windows 7 : Does this registry software work with Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows Vista: Does this registry software work with Vista
Windows XP
Windows XP: Does this registry software work with XP
Mac: Does this registry software work with a Mac
Ease of use
Ease of use: How easy is this registry cleaner to use
Features: How good are the features of this software
Support: How good is the support

Best Registry Software Reviewed

After you’ve used your PC for a while, and Windows based computers are notorious for this, you’ll probably notice it getting slower and slower. This is due to the fact that over time, as you add and remove software, create and edit documents, download and listen to or watch music and movies, even if you go in and clean up your computer on a regular basis, Windows leaves hidden extra files and settings all over your computer. The Registry is a hidden database Windows stores all sorts of things in, usually without your knowledge.

Slow Computer? Speed it Up With Registry Booster

Every time you use your computer, Windows accesses and changes settings in this registry, and over time it gets bloated. This is usually what slows down your system: this is why you need Registry Booster. Registry Booster prunes your Registry for you, removing all of the bloat Windows has put in there over time, so that the next time you run things, access is fast. As an added bonus, Registry Booster also backs up your files before it makes any changes, and also lets you defragment your hard drive, giving you an even better speed boost. If you’ve been troubled by your PC getting slower and slower, Registry Booster is your ideal solution.

Registry Software Reviews

Having read the registry cleaner reviews above you know that Uniblue’s Registry Booster is the leading registry software, so why not give it a try? You can download and run registry booster to see how many problems are on your windows computer.

Download The Best Registry Software

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