What is a Registry Cleaner?

What is a Registry Cleaner?

What is a Registry cleaner? A registry cleaner is a piece of software that runs on the Windows operating system, designed to clean up and resolve any defects or errors that may have occurred in the windows registry. The registry is one of the most important parts of the Windows operating system, and issues involving the registry can be potentially extremely troublesome as they can affect the whole working of the system. You may find that a major registry issue could cause you to lose your personal data, or make the computer completely unusable. Registry errors are fixable however, most commonly through the use of a registry cleaner which will scan through the registry and point out any issues which it finds. The cleaner will then attempt to fix any of the problems that it finds, leaving your registry clean and your computer prepared to run properly again.

The major controversy surrounding registry cleaners is that they are often associated with spyware, or even malware, which are sometimes bundled into the software as a way of penetrating a computer. These sorts of viruses are extremely dangerous and could have you giving away personal information to other computers, which would be even worse than the initial error that was in the registry. Because of this, it’s very important to only use the most reliable and effective registry cleaners, that have been proven not to contain any form of spyware or malware. Changing anything to do with the registry can be extremely hazardous, which is why many people turn to registry cleaners to solve any problems, but some registry cleaners will simply do more harm than good.

The registry cleaner will try to find errors in the registry and remove any configuration data that is either causing issues to the system, or is simply unnecessary. For example, when you last uninstalled a piece of software, there are often still marks left in the registry that could potentially slow down your computer. If this happens repeatedly with various pieces of software, your registry can become cluttered and it will simply take the operating system longer to sort through this clutter and access the registry files that you need to run other software.

Some registry cleaners will also offer a useful feature which will allow you to backup the registry and revert back to particular dates and times of registry backups. This allows you to have complete confidence that any changes made to the registry can always be restored and you won’t have to worry about any major issues which could kill your system and make it unusable. The registry is massive and contains thousands of files, with every single unnecessary file potentially causing an issue, so a registry cleaner could be vital to make your system run smoothly and making sure that any small issues don’t become bigger problems. The most important thing to remember is that you should never simply go fishing around the registry yourself, because that path is fraught with danger and you could end up crippling your system.

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